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July 2022 Newsletter - How Can Key Home Inspections help with the changing real estate market?

Dear Friends,

It has been some time since the market did a complete turnaround from a strong seller’s market to a more balanced one. This is largely fuelled by the rising interest rates in Canada.

However, here at Key Home Inspections, we are confident that there will be many potential investors and buyers looking for deals that could be made.

This leads me to this newsletter. We, like you, have seen a massive number of renovations since the pandemic started back in early 2020. Keep in mind that these renovations were mostly done under time restraints as purchasers tried to renovate them quickly to enjoy their new space. Sellers were trying to get properties ready for the hot market as prices soared. Many homes that were bought and sold in that time frame have been renovated and many have been done without any permits and or without any due care.

Permits? What permits! Remember during the pandemic, city officials were either shut down at times or largely understaffed. Inspectors were not allowed to enter the homes to inspect them properly, lack of supplies also caused chaos due to Covid. So, it begs the question, were things really done properly?

Here at KHI, we believe that most purchases will be conditional on a home inspection. Like always, experience along with presenting our findings of the home to the client is always at the forefront of our inspections as we understand how sensitive inspections maybe that is one thing you can rely on with us.

Pre-inspections will be continuing to be a norm in the GTA. We have an amazing pre-listing inspection program that can help you sell the property for its highest value even in these times, after all, a good product always sells better and faster.

Our program not only conducts the inspection, but we can get the property ready for you from inspections to repairs, to a final inspection report which includes a full 120-day warranty. For purchase inspections you can still expect on our commitment to our outstanding service that you and your clients have relied on for the past 20 years. Give us a call for any of your inspection needs and stay tuned for our sister company information on renovations with the same trusted reputation as Key Home Inspections.

Thank you for all your support over the years and we look forward to servicing you the best we can.


Enio Ferri RHI, IRT,

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